When you drink, your liver and your body begins working to break down the alcohol-induced toxins putting stress on your internal system. When you drink in excess (every human is different; “excess” is determined by numerous factors) your body begins to work overtime to breakdown the excess alcohol found in its system, plus other toxins produced because of the alcohol. When your body can’t process the alcohol toxins fast enough, the feelings of fatigue, nausea, and sluggishness begin to set in. When you don’t replenish your system properly these symptoms can pack a punch; leaving you feeling peak crappiness the next morning. Hello Hangover!

UNLIT® was created to provide crucial support for your body’s elimination and endocrine systems which helps your liver to flush out alcohol-induced toxins, your brain to repair alcohol-induced deficiencies, and to slow down diuresis through rapid nutrient replenishment and rehydration.